About PeopleGrove


PeopleGrove started with the mission to ensure every student and professional has access to a supportive community and the connections needed to succeed. Our powerful, personalized platform is customized to each of our partners’ unique needs. With over 250 partners today, including Arizona State University, DePaul University, Wellesley College, and Stanford University, we are committed to driving career innovation, alumni engagement, and student success forward.


We choose collaboration over competition for a stronger community and smarter ways to support our students.

Our university partners and friends come together to share their learnings, celebrate their successes, commiserate on the challenges, and find innovative ways to ensure their respective communities are getting the support needed to succeed while in school and after graduation.


We’re unified by the belief that a single connection can transform one’s life.

We believe that, by equalizing student and alumni access to social capital and providing a network of supportive peers, connections, mentors, advisers, and faculty, every person can transform their trajectories and achieve success. In the long-term, this will also lead to lifelong loyalty and affinity to your institution.